//Mustard Tube

Mustard Tube


Tigertail Classic Yellow Mustard is our authentic German recipe featured in a unique squeezable tube that’s the perfect size for picnics, travel, or a day at the beach. Packed with a creamy, tangy flavor, it’s just the right garnish for your hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches and more!

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Tigertail Mustards are made from all-natural ingredients by a family company that is committed to producing the best-tasting, specialty mustards and condiments.

Tigertail Mustards have all the high-quality ingredients you want and none of those you don’t – made from #1 Grade Mustard Seeds with No Preservatives. Like all Tigertail products, our Mustards carry the Tiger’s Stamp of Approval, which means that you can TRUST that our products will always deliver the best in quality and taste!


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