//Tigertail Buffalo Beer Wing Sauce

Tigertail Buffalo Beer Wing Sauce


Tigertail Buffalo Beer Wing Sauce really packs a punch with its creative blend of Pale Ale flavor, cayenne pepper and zesty, tangy goodness. Spice up your chicken wings, add a kick to your buffalo chicken dip or add it to your shredded chicken to turn up the heat on your favorite dish.

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Tigertail Fusion Sauces are the perfect pairing of your favorite flavors in one delicious sauce!

Tigertail Fusions compliment all varieties of meat and are perfect for any occasion – whether it be dinner at home with your family or hosting your friends or neighbors for an afternoon BBQ. Like all Tigertail products, our Fusions carry the Tiger’s Stamp of Approval, which means that you can TRUST that our products are not only made with the highest quality ingredients but will also deliver great taste every time!


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